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Hotel & Leisure



The presence of hotels is the key to developing Mandalika Resort. On the last stage of development there will be 10533 hotel rooms available at Mandalika Resort. As with ITDC’s vision to create a classy tourist destination, Mandalika will be filled by large hotels with recognizable brand names. Furthermore, with the nature potential at Mandalika, there will be boutique resorts available, emphasizing tranquility for tourists looking for a retreat.

Based on hotel ratings, the main development focus for hotels at Mandalika Resort are 4 and 5 star hotels. Three star hotels and other kinds of hotels are also targeted for development within the area, to accommodate visitors looking for more affordable options, and for business travelers

Four and five stars hotels will also help MICE business grow at Mandalika Resort, with the development of convention centers which are planned to be able to attract large events, both domestic and international.

Mandalika Resort will also provide leisure facilities within the area to spoil visitors. These facilities will consist of a water park, an eco-park, a conservative area, and a theme park.

The water park is planned to be built around the main entrance area of Mandalika Resort, on top of about 3.8 hectares of land. In accordance with the character of the Mandalika tourist area.

An eco-park is planned to be built within Mandalika Resort, on the eastern side around GerupukBay. The eco-park is expected to be an important icon to support the tourism growth of Mandalika Resort, while also contributing to nature by maintaining a natural mangrove with an area of around 37 hectares which would attract various species of birds. The eco-park is also planned to have trails, boardwalks, a camping area, a nature museum, and a shopping area (marine & mangrove products) as commercial facilities to support the area. The total area planned to be used for the eco-park is around 70 hectares.

The conservative are is planned to be built with the purpose of accommodating the increased interest of conservative tourism. Located on one of the district east of Mandalika Resort, this location will be the center of conservative tourism in Mandalika Resort, and also there will be a F&B area with a theme of conservative bazaar on the beachside area.

The theme park is planned on the east of Mandalika Resort, with an area of land around 30 hectares. The theme park is planned to be built with a nature concept by taking on an experienced third party developer. The construction of the theme park is planned to be done on the last stage of development of Mandalika Resort, after demand has been established. Before the theme park is built, the area allocated for the theme park will first be used as a tourist are with a theme of Little Savanna, a nature tourist area which uses West Nusa Tenggara’s hot and dry climate. The theme park is expected to support tourism in Mandalika Resort by attracting the young and family demographic, for both domestic and international tourists.