The development for the commercial area will consist of 5.5% of the area, with 5% for retail, and 0.5% for convention centers. Mandalika Resort is planned to have various kinds of retail, from art markets, fashion stores, restaurants, to upscale cafes and international chain cafes and restaurants. Retail facilities built within the period of 2015-2025 are focused on the development of F&B, and entertainment & recreation, especially F&B for the middle upper demographics.

There will be 2 convention centers on Mandalika Resort, one on the east side and one on the west, to accommodate MICE needs from the hotels that will be built near to them. The convention center on the east side is planned to have a capacity of 7000 people. It is expected that the east convention center will be the main convention center in Lombok, and would be able to attract various large events including state events like in Bali. The convention center on the west side is built with a concept to merge with the hotels. It will be built with a capacity for 5000 people and can accommodate small to medium events, including musical concerts, and national and international events. It is expected that these convention centers will be able to increase public awareness of Mandalika Resort, and increase MICE activities in Lombok, specifically on Mandalika Resort, and to increase tourism to Mandalika Resort.

The convention center in Mandalika will have a theme of spirit of nature, which would create a different atmosphere with convention centers in cities. The convention centers in Mandalika will be able to house events small and large, national and international, so they will have a large parking area. There will be retail areas for cafes and restaurants or souvenir stores, and local arts & crafts centers that will be integrated with the convention centers. This area could increase appeal for MICE attendees.